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Georgian property renovation

Many architectural styles were inspired
by buildings from the Georgian era.
We are sure that after our renovation
your property will be just as inspirational
as those, if not even more so!

Georgian property

Your Georgian property was originally designed to enhance natural light and to be spacious with comfortable interiors. We will combine these features with our personal approach to project management and excellent communication. 

Bespoke finishes that highlight the neoclassical touches of the Georgian era will make your property even more special.

In Georgian style architecture, simplicity and original proportions cannot be forgotten. Understanding the history of this era and combining it with the background of your property will have a positive impact on the whole renovation. We will pay attention to these details when working on your Georgian style property refurbishment.

Classical symmetry will work brilliantly together with the highest quality handcrafted joinery, which will be carefully arranged by our master craftsmen.

Not only will the furniture be thoughtfully designed, but also the mechanical and electrical systems that will unleash the full potential of your home. A classical Georgian style house integrated with the newest technology to meet your requirements.

Apartment in Hampstead- bespoke kitchen island in royal blue wiht sockets

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