Renovation of a flooded apartment, Belgravia

Row of Houses in Chesham Place, Belgravia

People decide to renovate their properties for various reasons. The most common one that we hear is simply to add a touch of personality and style to a new house or apartment. This particular case was slightly different.

We renovated a 3rd-floor duplex apartment in Chesham Place, Belgravia for a client who faced a serious water leak due to blocked gullies.

The neighbourhood of this apartment is located very close to Margaret Thatcher’s former residence, which gives some historical touch to the story.

The existing water leak was not the only issue to face. Access for works through the main building staircase were denied, in order to keep the interiors in pristine condition and not to cause frustration and interruption to the lives of prestigious neighbours.

Side scaffolding with a proper lift was used instead, enabling us to deliver high-end results on time.

Replacement of the kitchen was carried out, together with the rebuilding of 2 bathrooms and addition of two additional dressing rooms.

Row of Houses in Chesham Place, Belgravia

The walls were specially prepared in accordance with the strict recommendations of the artist who the interior designer had selected for hand painting the interiors.


We fitted approx 200 square metres of marble tiles and replaced old wooden floors with new French style parquet.


Bespoke joinery was manufactured and fit throughout the apartment, in order to maintain the highest standards of our refurbishments.

Two new fireplaces were installed together with new steel chimney linings. 

The cherry on top of this renovation was the fitting of rare Italian marble to the walls, with a price per piece of approximately £30,000.

Unexpected situations, like a water leak in an apartment, can happen to anyone. We were honoured and deeply satisfied to be able to help out in one such case, to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients.


Some difficulties may occur anytime. In addition to the issues with the main staircase, the client’s priority was to keep the noise at the lowest possible levels. We proudly delivered on that, together with a high-end finish of this complex refurbishment.

Bespoke joinery - hand scraped oak vaneered panels and bronze custom made handle

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