Abbey Road

Penthouse apartment in Grade listed building overlooking Beatles crossing on Abbey Road.
This property is an old Church conversion that has undergone a unique renovation with challenging structural works.
We constructed a curved mezzanine floor to main living space to create an additional master bedroom as well as smart bespoke storage under the existing dome roof.

In two mirror-imaged turrets, just above two bedrooms, two office rooms were created, with hydraulic trap doors access, bespoke furniture, and unique DNA staircases.
GBG was involved in the design and build of all bespoke joinery, three bespoke staircases with frameless glass  balustrading.
Two bathrooms were rebuilt, clad in real concrete IVANKA panels with fully illuminated ceilings. Some MEP alterations were necessary, as well as new water-cooled AC system, luxury kitchen installation, new sliding doors, high quality decorating and many more.

GDV 2.5M – 1500 sqft

Client: Private HNI

Architect: Vorbild

Budget: Private

Duration: 7 months